Health Tips for Busy & Confused Professionals

I want to move the working world.

I am a Chicago-based personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and podcast host, specializing in corporate wellness. My mission is to simplify wellness for busy & confused professionals who “just don’t have time”. I strive to interview those who are at the top of their fields in workplace wellness, fitness, psychology, and overall well-being so I can improve the lives of my clients and myself.



My weekly podcast, “Power-Stability-Play: Health Tips for Busy & Confused Professionals” looks to simplify health for those who “just don’t have time”. Topics include, but are not limited to: Workplace Wellness; Workplace Design; Strength Training; Stress Management; Brain Health; Functional Movement.

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Personal training

I offer one-on-one training services for individuals in the Chicago area. Online training is available for those outside the Chicago area, but rates vary.

Services include:

  • A one-on-one consultation to discuss your goals

  • Personalized Strength & Functional Movement programs

  • Six-week Progress Reports to check-in with your goals

  • Video Library Access to perform movements outside of training sessions

For rates and more information, contact duncansalekfitness@gmail.com.



Speaking & Workshops

Knowing about strength, movement & workplace wellness is important. I’ve held previous workshops to discuss the importance of core work, basic mobility moves, starter strength movements, and how to get more movement throughout the day.

For all inquiries, contact duncansalekfitness@gmail.com